IDS Bratislava 25-27.19

BIS honour

BIS couple

Best puppy


Puppy male 3,5 months, available

Puppy female 3,5 months, available

Junior male, 9 month, available


New entry from Greece "Hanna Guard of Olympus"



Henry Soul Guard - 6 months old
👉🏻heart check& healthy tested
(Abate Pia Fidelis x Catherine Soul Guard)
Only for serious owners, he is really high drive temperament puppy perfect for sport& work i never has more crazy drive puppy as he. 
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CC SHOW SVK 26.5.19

Gio SG- Ex 1, CAJC, BOJ

Davide CDC- Ex, 3. place

Huggo SG- VP, 2. place

Fabiola SG- Ex, 2. place

Anna ReM- Ex, 3. place

Hoara SG- VP, 2. place

IDS SVK Lucenec 4.- 5.5.19

Huggo Soul Guard 2x VP 1 Best male puppy

Hoara Soul Guard 2x VP 1 Best female puppy

Aloevera Re Manfredi Ex 3

Prešli sme na vyššiu úroveň po krmive Carneeval na zdokonalený Dog's Chef.

easario Soul Guard- BOB CH of CH
Davide Soul Guard- BOJ jCH of CH-BIG shortlist!
Aloevera Re Manfredi- BOB puppy Champion puppy- BIG 4!

Informácie čoskoro, rezervácie sú limitované!

Ceasario SG- 1. place open class, Ex, CAC
Access SG- 2. place CH class Ex, RCAC
Davide CDC- 3. place Junior class Ex
Alovera RM- 4. place puppy

🏆Soul Guard kennel🏆
🥇BIS couple 3x🥇
🥇BIS honour 🥇
Access 3 x Excellent honour class
Delanna 2x CAC, 2x rCACIB, 1 x rCAC
Davide 3x CAJC 3x BOJ 1 x BOS
Dominio 2x rCAC
Ennio 2x rCAC
Alvero 3x VP
Gio 1x VP
Davide CDC is now 🎉Junior CHAMPION🎉
Delanna is 🎉CHAMPION🎉

IDS SVK Nitra 9.12.18
****Soul Guard kennel****
Delanna Soul Guard Ex 1, CAC
Ennio Soul Guard Ex 1, CAJC
Gia Soul Guard VP 2
Alvero Re Manfredi VP 2
Fiorenza Soul Guard VP 1
Filippo Soul Guard P 1

IDS Nitra 8.12.18
****Soul Guard kennel****
Delanna Soul Guard- Ex 1, CAC, rCACIB
Alvero Re Manfredi- VP 1 best minor puppy
Fabiola Soul Guard- VP 1 best puppy
Ennio Soul Guard - Ex 1
Filipo Soul Guard- P 1

IDS Bratislava 26.-28.10.2018

Bambola Soul Guard 3xCAC, 2xCACIB, 1x rCACIB, 2xBOS already GRAND CHAMPION 🏅👍

Ceasario Soul Guard- 3 days of shows- already GRAND CHAMPION! 🎉🍀


Ceasario Soul Guard* BOB, Ex 1, CAC, CACIB
Bambola Soul Guard* BOS Ex 1, CAC, CACIB
Donelle Soul Guard* Ex 1, CAC, rCACIB
Dominio Soul Guard* Ex 1
Ennio Soul Guard* Ex 2
Filippo Soul Guard* VP 1

We did it again! 🤗🎉🍀
IDS 27.10.18 Bratislava
****BOB, Ex 1, CAC, CACIB****
🏆Ceasario Soul Guard 🏆


IDS 28.10.18 Bratislava

Ceasario Soul Guard 3x BOB!!! 🎉🍾🍀🏆 and he became GRAND CHAMPION!
Soul Guard kennel winners, BOB, BOj, CACIBs...

New litter "H" ****Soul Guard****
Abate Pia Fidelis x Catherine Soul Guard

*Club show Cane corso SVK 30.9.18*
Soul Guard kennel won😁🤗💪🎉🍾
Donelle SG🏆🥇Ex 1, CAC, CW BOB!
Delanna SG 🏆Ex 1
Brio SG 🏆rCAC
Bambola SG 🏆rCAC
Davide CDC 🏆VP 1 Best puppy!
Fabiola SG 🏆VP 1 Best minor puppy!
Fahroni SG 🏆VP 2
Dominio SG VG 2
by judge mr. Tibor Havelka

IDS Bratislava SVK 18.8.18
****Soul Guard rules****! 🎉🍀🍾
Donelle Soul Guard - CAJC, BOJ, BOB!!
Brio Soul Guard- CAC, rCACIB
Davide CDC- VP 1 
Dominio Soul Guard- VG

IDS BA SVK 19.8.18
Soul Guard again go!! 🍾🎉🍀🤗
Brio Soul Guard- CAC, CACIB, BOS!
Donelle Soul Guard- CAJC, BOJ
Dominio Soul Guard- CAC, rCACIB 
Davide CDC- VP 1


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